Dr. Helga Kovacs graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West
in 2002, and has been practicing full time since then. In 2004 Dr. Kovacs
completed her specialty in Pediatrics, and obtained her Clinical Research
Associate Degree in 2005.
Dr. Kovacs’s love for the profession is most evident when she is with her
younger patients. Her focus lies primarily on female care, specializing in
pregnancy. A large auxiliary focus of her practice is nutritional counseling. Dr.
Kovacs’s is dedicated to improving children’s lives, whose rapidly declining
health is primarily due to poor dietary choices.
Her patients know her to be compassionate, loving, and always ready to share
her knowledge. Her mission is to educate families on matters of health so they
can make educated choices and live healthy prosperous lives.  
When you see Dr. Kovacs at work, you can’t help but smile. Dr. Kovacs is a
firm believer in the therapeutic effects of laughter.
Daniel Suniga Jr.
Certified Massage Therapist
Maria Solorzano
Office Manager
The Ultimate Health team consists of Dr. Arman Daryaie, DC
QME,  Dr. Helga Kovacs, DC CCP, our much appreciated office
manager Maria Santiago and last but not least our wonderful
massage therapist Jon Brown.

Ultimate Health Chiropractic is a family practice, but we like to
differentiate ourselves by offering a variety of specialties.
Dr. Daryaie’s special interests lie in sports, work related injuries,
rehabilitation, and degenerative diseases. Through his extensive
training and experience Dr. Daryaie has helped countlessnumber
of people achieve optimal health.

Dr. Daryaie is known for his gentle touch, great caring character,
and for being there for his patients no matter when or what. When
he assesses a patient, Dr. Daryaie does not see a back condition
or a shoulder complaint, he sees a whole person, and he gets to
know all aspects of the patient, in order to determine all aspects of
the patient’s life that could have a negative effect of the specific
condition as well as their health as a whole.
The doctor’s philosophy is to treat a whole person not just a
condition, he strongly advocates the body mind connection and as
a result will address all stressors in the patient’s life.
Dr. Arman Daryaie is a graduate of Palmer College of
Chiropractic West, and has been in practice since the year 2000.
In 2001 Dr.Daryaie became a Industrial Disability Examiner and a
Qualified Medical Evaluator.
Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to answer your questions and accommodate all your needs.
Dr. Kovacs,DC CCP
Dr. Daryaie,DC QME
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Daniel Suniga Jr. Neuromuscular Massage
Therapist and Health Educator California State
Certified #4879
With a background in martial arts and dance,
Daniel knows the feeling of aches and pains in the
body.  From blocking kicks and punches to Cuban
motion and partner lifting, he has experienced his
own journey through pain and dysfunction to a
healthier state of presence and being in his body.

Daniel invests his time in listening to clients in
order to get to the root of a problem.  Hand in
hand, work can be done to begin to resolve
long-standing issues.  Education and
body-awareness are valuable tools Passed on to

Beyond the basic massage modalities, continuing
education has included Lymphatics, Somatics,
Thai, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Trigger Point
Therapy, Sports Massage, and Ergonomic
Assessments.  Additional training in various
Energy Techniques including Chakra Balancing,
Meditation, Tuning Fork Sound, and Reiki Master
training with four different Reiki Masters has been
Maria has been part of Ultimate
Health Chiropractic team for more than
a decade. Maria is wearing many hats
in our office. She is the voice on the
phone when you call and she is the
first person you will see when you
enter the office. Maria helps our
patients with all of their paper work and
insurance verification. She is also our
Spanish translator.
When Maria is not working, she enjoys
the outdoors with her husband Cesar.
Maria's hobbies are ATV ridding,
Off-roading and fishing.